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It's Time For His Glory!

God has a plan for your LIFE!

Empowering You to Live Abundantly!

We desire to see you manifest the Abundant Life that Jesus said he came to give you. Regardless of your past or your present, God has a plan for your future.


The most important thing to remember is we are made in his image after his likeness. God is Spirit! It is time to lay down the tradition of religion and worship God in Spirit and in Truth.


God has a solution for every area of your life. There is no circumstance that God cannot change or remove in your life. No matter what your circumstances may be it’s time to trust God. He has a plan for your victory.


It is God’s will that you are gainfully employed and increase. God has given each of us gifts and talents. It’s time to understand where you will have the most career success.
Ken & Tammy Davis
Founders, Inspire Fellowship
“My greatest desire has always been to see people live an Abundant Life, to find and fulfill God’s purpose. I want to see the manifestation of God’s Glory.”  ~ Ken Davis
We want people to know that “God is Real” and loves you more than you could ever know. That life is a gift and meant to be lived fully. Regardless of your circumstances, God desires for you to know Him and experience all His Glory. Join us in seeking the Life God intended for each of us.
The Vision
At Inspire Fellowship our purpose is to provide you with both the spiritual and practical tools you need to succeed in Life. This is the plan God has given us.

Inspire Fellowship?

Makes Us Different?

Is the Problem?

Is the Solution?

Is the Plan?

You Help?

WHAT is the Future?
Walk by Faith!
Keep the Word of Truth always in your heart. Faith comes by hearing.
Inspirational videos from Elevation Church and other Ministries.

Experience all God has for YOU!

Are you ready for more out of life?

God has NOT forgotten you!

It’s time to move beyond your past?

You can overcome Doubt and Fear!

Are you ready to live in Peace?

If So, then it is time to “Take Action”!

Here are some of our favorite worship groups!
“Enjoy some of the most inspirational worship music. Add it to your personal worship time”
Hillsong Worship
“Be blessed by the inspirational sounds of this contemporary Christian band United Pursuit.”
United Pursuit Band
“Soak and Enjoy the powerful worship of Bethel Music.”
BETHEL Worship, Redding CA.

“Soulful, upbeat, contemporary worship songs of Beckah Shae!”

Beckah Shae

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We are committed to see you manifest God’s best in your Life!

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