Shaking-hands-200x200An essential part of the ministry of Inspire Fellowship is to help believers identify if they have a desire or calling to be an Entrepreneur and to help  grow the enterprises of those already in business. Many believers who have a passion to start businesses desire the understanding spiritually of what their role is. In fact many of those who have been called to be in business have entered into the priestly Five-fold role of ministry because they had no understanding of their calling. This happens more than any of us truly even know.


Many churches and ministries have failed because those that started them had the gift and calling to be in business as a King not as a Priest. Serving in the church does not always mean going into the Five-fold ministry. If we could find those Kings that have been misplaced and align them with the Priest, Pastors and missionaries who have been truly called to shepherd, the church would have no lack. This is what we are called to do! Reveal Business Professionals and Entrepreneurs (Kings) into the calling and help them manifest the passion in them. We will do this through seminars, events and classes teaching the Body of Christ how to recognize if they are called to be a King.

Inspire Fellowship takes an active role once a person has discovered their calling to be in business. We first deal with the spiritual aspect of the calling by imparting understanding and wisdom as to the office of a King. Then we take on the practical approach. Whether someone is already in business or wanting to start one we help them understand what the practical steps they must take. If they decide that they need more assistance with the details of launching their new enterprise then we work even closer with them through our For-Profit consulting company Promisas.

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