Inspire Fellowship Church Inc. is ministry outreach and church organization. 

Founded in 2014, is an Arizona Non-profit corporation in good standing. As a non-profit organization, we utilize corporate and personal donations to support the ministry and outreach work.

PROMISAS LLC is a for-profit entity owned by Inspire Fellowship Church to create revenue to support the ministry and serve faith-based entrepreneurs.

Promisas is a full-service business development, digital marketing, and software development agency. We provide consulting, web development, project management, product development, marketing, sales consulting, and operations to faith-based companies, clients, and brands.

Christian Wealth Academy is a for-profit entity.

Christian Wealth Academy is a Business & Entrepreneurial Training Center. Teaching biblical & practical wealth creation principles to faith-based business professionals and entrepreneurs for the advancement of the Kingdom. We’re building the Kingdom and Creating Wealth to serve!