New ideaThe life of an entrepreneur can be a lonely one; the life of a Christian entrepreneur can be even lonelier. It is hard enough trying to make it in the competitive marketplace for anyone, but as a believer maintaining integrity, honesty and fairness is not an option as it may be for your non-believing competitors. As a King consecrated to the work of the Kingdom the lines must never become blurred as to the purpose and reason for the wealth you are creating. At Inspire Fellowship we know first-hand the challenges you will face having experienced them ourselves. Entrepreneurship is a daunting task not to mention a faith filled risk. You must have all the spiritual and practical foundation necessary to make sure you stand on solid ground and keep at the forefront the purpose for the vision God has given you for your business.

Inspire Fellowship wants to be there for you so you don’t have to walk this journey alone. We want to spiritually guide, teach and inspire you as you take on this journey from start to finish. We will help establish a solid foundation that will keep God first and balance in your life. God has not called us to toil but to be diligent and wise in our enterprises.

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