finance-stewardshipThe Body of Christ has struggled far too long manifesting the financial resources the word of God clearly tells us we should have. So why are so many believers still not seeing their needs met? We know the scripture is true so there must be another reason the church is no better off than the rest of the world when it comes to financial well-being.

At Inspire Fellowship your financial well-being is very important. We not only want to see you meet your needs but move into the abundant overflow so that you can be the blessing God has called the church to be. We will provide a biblical foundation to understand your finances and how to create wealth, manage the wealth you create and invest and save for your future.

The most important thing for any believer to understand is the discipline of “Financial Stewardship”. However, giving is not the only definition of being a good financial steward. As a Christian financial discipline is an absolute must. You cannot be like the rich young ruler where it is implied his “possessions controlled him”. You must understand that a financial steward in the Kingdom of God owns nothing but has access to everything. Think about that last statement. At some point this will become an incredible revelation to you. “All that the Father has is thine.” You must look at your position and role as a financial steward as a conduit or funnel. You are the device that God uses to move wealth, provision and substance through to provide for the work of the Kingdom. The wonderful thing about being a funnel is there is always a tremendous amount of residue left on it even after it has dispensed the resources.

Inspire Fellowship will help you understand how to be led by the Spirit of God in your giving as well as the importance of discerning good ground. You will learn the most important aspect of being a financial steward; Living Debt Free and walking in the Divine Favor of God. Having the responsibility of creating wealth and provision for the Body of Christ is to be taken seriously. We will help you build a solid foundation of financial stewardship both spiritually and practically.