OUR founder

Inspire Fellowship was founded by Ken Davis. Mr. Davis started serving in ministry in 1994 as an associate with an international ministry organization teaching biblical economics. He traveled nationally and internationally, coordinating meetings and events, teaching and working with local pastors. His calling and passion have always been to see God’s people prosper and be debt-free. Early in ministry, he taught financial stewardship and wealth creation while working with entrepreneurs and business professionals to help create financial provision to support the local church’s work and advance the Kingdom.

After several years of working in full-time ministry, he felt called to begin a career in the Marketplace. He desired to become an example of what he was teaching and leading others. He soon realized the challenges of dealing with matters of faith and the world system. It was not long before the stresses of business, and selfish desires began to replace the purpose God had given him. He then found himself struggling financially and facing calamity in his companies. Mr. Davis suffered significant personal and financial losses, which led him to question God’s desire for himself and the church to prosper. He spent the next several years seeking and studying God’s promise and the spiritual secrets to creating true personal financial wealth and abundance with lasting success in Christ. God was faithful in leading and teaching him spiritual truths to walk in divine favor and manifest tangible wealth.

This Journey continued in early 2012 when he heard the Lord speak to him to “Build My People and Teach them to Prosper” after taking time fasting and praying; one morning, the Lord spoke to him to go to the “Valley of the Sun” to build a unique ministry that would empower people to put their faith into action in SPIRIT, LIFE, and WORK to accomplish God’s purpose for their lives and see true success!

As a spiritual success & wealth coach, teacher, and entrepreneur, Mr. Davis has held several executive positions, including CEO. He has managed multiple companies overseeing numerous employees and contractors. In 2014 he founded Inspire Fellowship Church Inc. in Phoenix, AZ, and still operates businesses to support the ministry.