Inspire Fellowship Church was founded by Ken and Tammy Davis. Mr. Davis is the Spiritual Leader of inspire Fellowship and visionary of this unique ministry. He is also the CEO of Promisas LLC a privately held Faith Based business development and management company. Mr. Davis started his ministry career in 1994 working with an International ministry teaching biblical economics and financial stewardship. This foundation provided an opportunity for Mr. Davis to see first hand the challenges the church faced in leading people to understand the importance of financial stewardship and wealth creation. While the body of Christ and the local church began to accept the teachings of financial stewardship as it related to giving it had much more difficulty understanding how to teach and elevate believers and itself to participate in the World of Commerce to create resources to advance the work of the Kingdom. This was the driving force and dream that Mr. Davis relentlessly pursued God for, “Help me understand the truth to teach people how to manifest your Glory and Abundance for the Kingdom”. His heart to be a giver and desire to see God’s people succeed is what lead him to begin to pursue creating wealth thru business as means to support the church and ministry.

After having served in full time ministry for several years traveling the world all before the age of 30 Mr. Davis took the leap of Faith into business. As an Entrepreneur and CEO Mr. Davis came to know first hand the challenges and difficulties a Christian business professional faces in the Marketplace. Having personally encountered many trials balancing faith and his pursuit of financial success Mr. Davis experienced life altering events that ultimately led him on a deeper journey with God. It was thru many failures that led his relentless pursuit to understand all that God had for his people. This led him to pursue GOD for HIS Truth and to understand the principles to live in Spirit and create an abundant life. As the Spiritual Leader and CEO of Inspire Fellowship and Promisas LLC Mr. Davis now focuses on building God’s people. Teaching by example to fulfill their true power in Spirit*Life*Work thru Christ. Inspire Fellowship is for anyone looking to transform their lives and manifest the Power and Glory of God.