Inspire Fellowship is a unique church and ministry. Our approach and execution to fulfill the plan of God has been developed around the ministries and commission God has called us to. The Inspire Fellowship Church Campus and Retreat will offer varying services that cater to the spiritual and practical development of our members, believers business professionals, employees, entrepreneurs and anyone looking to find God’s purpose for their life. The importance of having a professionally trained and qualified staff is essential in the fulfillment of the ministries daily goals. As well, our campus and facilities will be unlike a traditional church setting that typically only sees most of its attendance one or two days a week.

The Inspire Fellowship Church Campus Retreat will be available during extended business hours on a daily basis with some evenings for meetings and events. This also means that our initial launch and development budget is quite different from a traditional church. We are not afforded many of the alternative solutions that a neighborhood or community church may have like a temporary facility, mostly volunteer staff and limited availability. The Inspire Fellowship Church Campus and Retreat facility is located in the beautiful White Mountains in  Central Eastern AZ, an area accessible to serve remotely free from the confines and interference of the city. This constitutes that our campus be situated in a large private area accessible to people traveling from all over.


Our initial budget for launching Inspire Fellowship reflects the associated cost of our staff and facility needs. We must set forth a presence of excellence and quality as any company would to attract and sustain its clientele.  Our calling and mission is not lost on our own ministry needs to help fund the vision. Along with aligning with churches, corporations, and partners to support the budget; Inspire Fellowship Church owns for profit businesses that will assist in generating income for the vision.  


If you would like to get more information of how you can become a partner or make a donation to support the vision of Inspire Fellowship Church and the building of the Campus and Retreat please follow the link below.

Click here to see the plan for the Inspire Fellowship Church Campus and Retreat facilities.

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