Inspire Fellowship is non-denominational church called to awaken mankind to know the Love of GOD and the Glory he is in all his creation thru Christ.  To serve by providing Spiritual, Personal and Professional growth. To empower every individual with the understanding of their “Divine Purpose” and the power they possess in Christ. To manifest God’s Glory in Your Spirit, Your Life and Your Work.

At Inspire Fellowship we want to lead you to become the Light God has created you to be. Whether you are seeking God’s purpose, overcoming past challenges or trying to walk in the promise God has already given you; we want to provide the tools you need to grow and succeed.

We want to elevate your thinking and challenge you to begin walking with the renewed mind of Christ fulfilling the promises of God. We will provide a unique ministry platform to give you the support, understanding and inspiration to fulfill what God has for you. We will stand alongside you providing ministry for your spiritual growth, physical well-being and personal wealth.


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Inspire Fellowship is not your typical church. Our Goal is to be a ministry that empowers people to take action and go to the next level in their pursuit of God’s purpose. We will provide a platform for spiritual, personal and professional growth thru our facilities and staff. Our members will have access to professional Christian life coaches & counselors, personal trainers, nutritionist, classes in business, finance and much more. Inspire Fellowship will be a church that takes action and changes lives!

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