Our Approach

At Inspire we are developing classes and programs to help serve you and the marketplace. Providing a place where anyone is welcome to find the support and ministry they need to overcome challenges at home or the office. We are working diligently to put together a staff of dedicated counselors, ministers, and wellness professionals to empower the entirety of a person.

This is NOT church as usual. We don’t have Sunday services, daycare or a choir. We’re building a place where anyone is welcome to come collaborate, work, and network with other like-minded professionals or just relax in a safe faith-inspired environment. We hold talks, seminars, and events featuring experts in their field in both business and life.

Our Ministries:

Fellowship of Kings – Is a group of Christian business owners and entrepreneurs dedicated to building the Kingdom. A network that brings together Christian business professionals and entrepreneurs nationwide to fellowship, encourage and educate one another. The ministry plans to become a powerful voice in protecting the rights of Christian business interest and entrepreneurs while becoming an advocate for funding the gospel through enterprise. Fellowship of Kings will sponsor chapters nationwide to help work with local entrepreneurs to provide personal and spiritual support when needed.

InspireTV – Inspire TV is our online media Channel where anyone can connect with the latest teachings, seminars or events from the ministry. InspireTV will connect other campuses and provide a great spiritual resource for business professionals in the marketplace. We’ll produce content that will inspire you with testimonies and insight into how you can lead a life in Christ and manifest your hearts desires.

Our Companies: (For-Profit)

Promisas LLC – Promisas allows the ministry to provide practical hands-on expertise in the marketplace as a business consulting, development, marketing, and management company. The purpose is to help develop and launch Christian entrepreneurs into businesses and provide job opportunities to advance the work of the Gospel. We work hands-on with Christian businesses and entrepreneurs to help bring their vision to the marketplace.

Christian Wealth Academy LLC – A training academy teaching both Kingdom and practical solutions to Business, Entrepreneurship, Finance, and Personal Development. Christian wealth Academy will engage other prominent Christian business professionals to develop curriculum and tools to lead you into success.

Spirit Life Work Center: 

We’re currently in the process of securing our first location in Phoenix, AZ to build out the Inspire Spirit*Life*Work center. This facility will be a state of the art business and ministry center providing the tools to help empower people to live and grow abundantly in Christ. The campus will have a main meeting hall, classrooms, co-working space, prayer pods, lounge areas, cafe, and fitness center.

Please consider partnering with us to complete our building and serve our community, marketplace and the local church. Become a Founding Member Learn More!

(Images are not actual photos of the Spirit*Life*Work center. Meant to illustrate plans’ for facility use.)