Why Inspire?

You may be thinking do we really need another Church? Our answer is as long as there are people who are hurting, lost, and seeking, then Yes! However, we aren’t church as usual; we’re building a community to reach those seeking to be empowered spiritually, personally, and to lead in the marketplace. A unique approach to attract and reach people where they live and work. Many business professionals and entrepreneurs feel the local church lacks what they’re looking for or truly understands the challenges they face, We Get it! Read the Story of our Founder Kenny J. Davis

At Inspire we are focused on guiding people to understand who they were created to be. We want to help you uncover the truth of the Love and Power of God and lead you to a new level of manifestation in your walk with Christ. As we position our ministry to serve the Kingdom and beyond; we want to become a beacon of light, hope, and inspiration to anyone seeking more in Spirit, Life, and Work. We want to build a community and environment for those looking to fulfill God’s purpose for their lives while navigating the challenges of faith, life, and career.

Inspire is for anyone desiring more success in their personal and professional lives. A ministry for anyone searching to find God’s purpose and direction to accomplish their dreams. We want to inspire you to live as God has purposed. To become a light to the world and to be a blessing to your family, the church, and to those in your community.